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Big Lee’s Towing is the standard and model for towing companies in the Metairie, LA, area.

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Wrecking Service

Vehicle Recovery


There are a million reasons you might need a tow truck. Big Lee’s Towing has seen it all, and...

Wrecking Service | BIG LEES TOWING

Big Lee is the man when it comes to your vehicle wrecking needs. Perhaps you have some...

Vehicle Recovery | BIG LEES TOWING

Vehicle recovery is a part of life. If you have a private property and are in need of an abandoned...

Specialized accident recovery and assistance. Waiting to assist you
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Here When You Need Us

Oh no! Imagine bad roads and poor weather have created the worse situation possible for you and your car. Anything could happen. Of course you want to drive slow and protect yourself, but you can’t always be on the winning side of this equation. A bad situation can be even more disastrous if you don’t know how to fix it, or who to call.

Big Lee’s Towing is the standard and model for towing companies in the Metairie, LA, area. If your car is involved in a scenario like the one painted above, then give Big Lee a call. We can help in situations such as:

• Stuck in mud
• Stuck in water
• Stuck in a ditch
• Accidents
• Rollovers

There is no problem too big or too small when it comes to you and your car towing needs. Big Lee has you covered for all your service needs, including:

• Specialized accident recovery and assistance
• Private property abandoned vehicle removal
• Low-cost towing service

If you have encountered the problem of others using your property like a long-term parking lot then call Big Lee. Unauthorized parked vehicles on your private property are towed at no cost to the private property owner.

If you have specialty antique, racing, or sport cars, we can move them wherever you need, using our flatbed towing trucks. You can also rest assured knowing that Big Lee’s Towing will treat your prized possessions with the utmost respect and care. Don’t take the risk of letting an amateur handle your valued assets.

Do you need to load, unload, and move heavy equipment from one job site to another? Are you moving a shed, trailer, or generator? We can haul untraditional items wherever you may need. Talk with Big Lee and learn how inexpensive and professional service can coexist in the same business. Make the smart choice in the Metairie, LA, area and pick Big Lee’s Towing right away!