Wrecking Service

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Wrecking Service - the Unwanted

Wrecking Service | BIG LEES TOWING - Metarie, LA

Big Lee is the man when it comes to your vehicle wrecking needs. Perhaps you have some old junker in the garage that needs to be hauled away, or maybe you just purchased a property with some unwanted junk cars on the lot. You don’t need to keep these unsightly obstacles in the picture. Contact a professional who can pick up your wrecked vehicle and dispose of it properly, safely, and efficiently.

Many wrecked vehicles have recyclable parts that Big Lee will manage accordingly. Depending on the type of vehicle and its condition, you could be getting paid money for your vehicle’s parts! There may be many internal and external components to your vehicle that are not yet destined for the scrapyard. Big Lee’s Towing specializes in providing you top dollar for your intact and usable vehicle parts and accessories.

A good wrecking service is dependable, on time, friendly, and professional. Why take a chance with someone unfamiliar with the Metairie, LA area and its community? Big Lee has 20 years of experience in the wrecker and towing business, and has built a reputation that shines brighter with every well-completed job. Big Lee’s wrecking service is hard to beat when it comes to customer satisfaction. This is because Big Lee prides himself on each new relationship he is able to build while helping others meet their wrecking service needs.

There are many amateurs who are not interested in the welfare of their customers or community. Big Lee will not only guarantee quality wrecking service promptly and with a smile, but he will make sure you are satisfied beyond doubt. This type of service is rare and will give you a peace of mind you didn’t know a towing company could provide. For a wrecking service company you can trust, ask for Big Lee today!