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Vehicle Recovery | BIG LEES TOWING - Metarie, LA

Vehicle recovery is a part of life. If you have a private property and are in need of an abandoned vehicle recovery solution, then give Big Lee’s Towing a call. It’s impossible to know how cars end up where they do. Maybe the owner is never coming back — you simply do not know. As a property owner you can’t take the chance of something going wrong. It’s not only a potential danger, but against the law to keep abandoned cars on your property, therefore you will need someone to help alleviate this problem.

Are you in the Metairie, LA, area and have an illegally parked vehicle on your property? Give Big Lee’s Towing a heads-up and a truck will be at your location shortly to collect any unauthorized or abandoned vehicles from your private property. Do not worry about a thing because Big Lee not only has you covered for your vehicle recovery needs, but it is absolutely free. Very few things are free in this world, but Big Lee’s Towing is proud to say that this vehicle recovery service will cost you nothing.

When it comes to situations such as these, you don’t want to draw them out and make it an issue in your schedule, so action must be taken.

Big Lee has 20 years of experience in towing and vehicle recovery, and has earned his good reputation by being an honest and fair citizen of the community. If you are a private property owner and have an abandoned car issue, you can be sure that with Big Lee’s Towing you are working with a fully reputable company. Dependable and trustworthy are the two qualities you want in a vehicle recovery professional, so don’t delay, call Big Lee!